We are launching the "Change perspective on neurodiversity" campaign!

October 2 marked the launch of the socio-educational campaign "Change the perspective to neurodiversity" carried out by the LUCKYYOU agency on behalf of the Poznań City Hall.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage Poznań employers to hire neuroatypical people in their companies by pointing out the strengths of such candidates: their creativity, high level of concentration, subject matter expertise or precision, accuracy and passion.

The "Change Your Perspective on Neurodiversity" campaign re-defines the commonly understood atypicality, raises public awareness and emphasizes the importance of an inclusive work environment.

As part of the won tender, we were responsible for developing the concept of the campaign, key visuals, realization of the promotional spot, selection of ambassadors, i.e. neurodiverse people working in Poznań, social media activities, creation of a landing page with educational materials, co-organization of workshops for employers and an information campaign.

CTL media will be present in Poznań throughout October, and the promotional spot will also be available in selected arthouse cinemas.

Key visual is based on a procedure of optical illusion, in which the writing on the medium is visible only from a distance or after looking at it for a long time, which symbolizes looking at neuroatypical people through the prism of limitations rather than potential.

We used a balanced, harmonious palette of pastel colors in the creations. A specific color is assigned to each group of neuroatypical people: blue (IPD - information processing disorder), coral (ASD - autism spectrum), purple (ADHD), and pastel green is the leading color. The visuals also use three shapes that are cuts of a circle, and symbolize the three main groups of atypical people.

The campaign could not have taken off without an exceptional team!

Project Manager of the project is Asia Majdak. Responsible for the strategy are: Dagmara Broda and Asia Majdak, for key visual Sara Wojciechowska, for the preparation of the website and graphic materials: Sara Wojciechowska, Aleksandra Duk, Marcin Bilicki, Kacper Krysiak, Krzysztof Magnuszewski, Wojciech Cielas and Adam Furmańczak, and copywriting by Mona Olkiewicz with support from Agnieszka Mikołajczak and Natalia Majchrzak. Performance activities are handled by Joanna Radecka.

The invaluable Szymon Wasylów and RED Film Production were responsible for the production of the video materials.

Details of the campaign are available at https://zmianaperspektywy.org/

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