Creative Sprints: October 2023

Our creatives like it when the bar hangs high - and they hang it there themselves!

The bar of the creative sprints in October hung just that high. Our designers and copywriters worked for exactly one hour every Monday of the month to realize their vision. The results? Below!

Sara Wojciechowska - Key visual / branding of the jazz festival.

During this month's creative sprint, I took on the topic of creating the branding of a jazz festival. Jazz music is characterized by freedom of interpretation, arrangement and a high propensity for improvisation. Taking all these features into account, a visual based on dynamic, plastic typography was created, which can take a different form depending on the reference. The use of intense colors and irregular shapes is intended to emphasize the creative nature of jazz and the energy that flows from it.

Wojciech Cielas - Branding of an art gallery

I was tempted to create branding for an art gallery dedicated to the illustrious American painter Jean Micheal Basquiat. His works were characterized by a combination of primitive African art, contemporary "Street Art", inscriptions and cultural archetypes. Inspired by Basquiat's work, I used strong and distinctive colors, the characteristic street style dominant in the artist's work and the most popular images. The result is a logotype for the entire gallery and promotional materials in the form of posters and stickers.

Kacper Krysiak - illustration/3d

Concept of a pet set in the metaverse. Buka - remember to take care of yours ;)

SvitLana Ostapiuk - Nanjing InternationalBiennial Of Poster For Peace 2023

This year, as in the previous year, the theme of World Peace very topical. In all my years, what I have already experienced, I never expected that the war will repeat again and again. But it is repeating itself...

"The front is a cage in which you have to wait nervously for what will happen. We lie under the lattice of the grenade arch and live in the tension of the unknown, while chance hovers above us. If a bullet comes, I can dodge, that's all; I can't know or have any control over exactly where it will hit. It is this coincidence that makes us indifferent."

‍Erich Maria Remarque

Aleksandra Duk - 2024 - YEAR OF THE WOOD DRAGON

The inspiration for the illustration was the Chinese New Year, which falls on February 10, 2024. According to the horoscope, the Year of the Water Rabbit will end then and the Year of the Wood Dragon will follow. The last Year of the Wood Dragon took place in 1964.

Team Copy: Agnieszka Mikolajczak, Maciej Karolczak, Mona Olkiewicz and Natalia Majchrzak.

In the copywriting section of the Creative Execution department, we also sprint through the copy Monday creative gymnastics. Sometimes we work with longer texts, sometimes we create short slogans, just like this time - we bet on inspiring, fun, non-staple word games in the style of the well-known Loesje.

You can understand for yourself that we can't wait for next month.

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