Trends Festival 2019 - short summary

Trends Festival 2019 - short summary

Maciej andKrzysztof, our delegation, at one of the most interesting conferences this year in Poland – the Trends Festival by Business Insider. Great speakers on site, perfect organization of the event and a large dose of inspiration. Lectures on macro trends and global economy turned out to be particularly interesting and valuable. Top 3 according to Maciej and Krzysztof: 

☝️ Taavi Kotka, former CIO of Estonia, responsible for the digital transformation of the country, we recommend googling his achievements 💪

🤗 Hannes Schmidt, Smiling Gecko. A photographer who did something amazing and helped the local community inCambodia, creating a village and then an economic system supporting people in need. Be sure to check out his story 🙂

🇨🇳 A whole panel dedicated to the development of the Chinese economy, including the expansion of WeChat and the development of new brands on the market. Big wow!

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