AI. How do we approach it at LUCKYYOU?

It simultaneously entices and frightens. It offers a chance for development, but worries a bit about the vision of replacing humans and their work. Artificial intelligence is a conundrum that we at LUCKYYOU are taking apart.
Get to know our perspective as written by Asia Przybysz, Project Manager.

AI tools are no longer just the future, but have become an integral part of our reality. At LUCKYYOU, we approach them analytically and critically, selecting them according to specific needs and focusing on quality. The goal is to make work easier, not to hand over our tasks to artificial intelligence. Especially since our creative teams have their own irreplaceable place in the creative process.

Human beings remain an extremely important value for us in this whole AI adventure.  We are the ones who guide the development of these tools and use them according to our needs. We are able to see moments when the human factor is indispensable and those during which we can afford to... well, take shortcuts? No! It's about broadening our creativity and perspective.

In my opinion, developing AI knowledge and skills is valuable in that we can prepare, at least to some extent, for the changes to come. The creators of the delightful Chat GPT themselves say that this is only the beginning of the AI revolution. This makes it so important to explore and learn new technologies on an ongoing basis. And while many fear that the technology will increase automation and sometimes replace certain activities and professions, the hope should be in these newly created roles, professions and even industries. The biggest danger, in my opinion, is to move past AI indifferently, because without being familiar with it from its inception, it will be much more difficult for us to prepare and adapt to the inevitable changes.

Trends in the development of professional competence predict that adapting to the volatility of the world of the future, flexibility and ongoing learning will be among the most valuable qualities in the labor market. There is a huge civilizational and technological change ahead, so there is no need to wait for education in this area.

It is for these reasons that we at LUCKYYOU have decided not only to learn about and implement AI tools, but also to analyze and learn from their application. We have created a dedicated team that deals internally with the topic of artificial intelligence. A team that not only constantly works with artificial intelligence, but also analyzes the creative processes that are an integral part of working in marketing agencies. Importantly - not from the perspective of an expert at all, but from the perspective of a user. This approach allows us both to take a broader view of our work with AI and its potential impact, but also to analyze its advantages and disadvantages in detail and critically. The project itself teaches us extreme patience and the ability to adapt to change. If any tool does not meet our expectations, we are willing to wait for its further development or even reject it. At the same time, we are constantly updating our knowledge through training, reading articles and following any new developments on the market.

We already know that patience pays off - when the excitement about AI tools initially subsided (and we stopped worrying about copywriters losing their jobs ;)), it turned out that we have before us an ocean of real opportunities to use artificial intelligence in our daily work.

New tools appear every day, and current tools change from day to day. Such project specificity forces an extremely flexible attitude and approach to the work we do. It can be said that we are evolving along with the developing AI. It is with great curiosity that we look at these processes, the changes taking place, and our changing perspective with the coming - well, evolution or revolution?

Joanna Przybysz

Project Manager

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