Xiaomi POland

Comprehensive retail marketing

Fulls upport for retail marketing activities (both online and offline) of one of the leading manufacturers of electronic equipment, both offline and online.


Xiaomi Poland


2021 - 2023

Scope of work

Continuous creative cooperation including preparation of creative concepts, strategic support, key visual creation, graphic materials design, and work on product premieres, landing pages, digital / BTL materials, 3D furniture.


Project Manager:

Filip Błajet, Joanna Przybysz, Małgorzata Geltz

Art Director:

Paweł Czamański


Agnieszka Mikołajczak, Monika Olkiewicz, Wiesław Juskowiak, Natalia Majchrzak

Graphic Design:

Paweł Czamański, Agata Gołębiewska, Krzysztof Magnuszewski, Adam Furmańczak

Motion Design:

Krzysztof Magnuszewski, Adam Furmańczak


Premieres of new products on the Polish market

Our activities within retail marketing include work on product premieres, i.e. Redmi Note 11 series, Xiaomi 12 series, Smart Band 6, and Watch S1. Our aim was to inform the consumer about the launch of a new product on the market, provide information on its features and benefits of the purchase, and show an attractive offer at every stage of the sale.


Multitool approach

Afresh point of view, combined with many years of experience, allowed us to bring out what is most important in marketing communication and change it into properly selected tools.

Our wide range of activities included both the online –creating advertising banners, animations and landing pages for each sales phase(teaser, presale, open sale) – and the offline – preparing printed materials, inserts with information about products and promotions, stickers to attract customer's attention, as well as creating materials directly for Xiaomi stores(printed materials to be placed on the furniture in the sales hall, lightboxes, gates, inserts, stickers for display windows or posters).

In addition, we prepared online and offline materials with the image of Iga Świątek for the open sale phase.

Comprehensive communication of the ecosystem

We created the concept and implemented a comprehensive landing page about the Xiaomi ecosystem. The landing page presented not only a wide range of home, mobility, and active devices, but also their compatibility with the Xiaomi Home application. Our work included the development of the creative concept, market research, and brainstorming, as well as the creation of graphic material design, programming, and motion design. We also supported ecosystem communication in stores, preparing stickers to distinguish products on the shelves and creating leaflets informing about compatibility with Xiaomi Home.


Effective sales-supporting communication

Our work on retail service in Poland also involved support for ongoing sales of smartphones and home devices, as well as informing about current promotions and encouraging clients to explore them. A thoroughly studied brief and a deep understanding of the client's needs allowed us to develop a text layer with CTA, create a graphic design of banners for a given promotion and prepare reformats of digital banners and prints for retail partners.

Creative 3D furniture design

In order to distinguish Xiaomi devices in the retail partners' sales room, we designed bases and stands with LED backlights. The idea was based on a premium look and was aimed at increasing the visibility of products on the shelf while maintaining the pure form of both stands and branding.




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