Volvo Group

Employer Branding Campaign "United Nature"

When starting the cooperation with the VolvoGroup, our task was to transform company EVP and everyday values into a consistent language of communication and give it a unique form. The uniqueness that connects employees at all levels has led us to show the joint nature of the Volvo Group.


Volvo Group


2019 - 2020

Scope of work

Creative concept, key visual project, photo shoot for the Key Visual, design of internal and offline materials, development of onboarding platform, conducting social media communication.


Project Manager:

Agnieszka Andrzejczyk

Art Director:

Marcin Bilicki


Natalia Majchrzak


Kuba Szopka


Maciej Radziemski


Answering the needs

The “United Nature” campaign for the Volvo Group has been prepared forthe internal and external needs of the company. Its main goal was to create aconsistent communication of values that are important not only for the employer,but above all for the employees. The entire campaign plan was based on 5 valueswhich are an integral part of the company.


What connects people?

While preparing the campaign, we decided to show not only the Swedish roots of Volvo that determine the employer's approach, but also the uniqueness of employees and their way of working, how much they have in common and how important their goal is. We found a way to emphasize their common nature and who they are.

Solution: #UnitedNature concept

We show the uniqueness of the employer and employees: their approach, how much they have in common and how important their goal is. We emphasize their common nature and who they are. The basis of the above activities comprises of 5 pillars which were the determinant in creating campaign materials:

1.    Be yourself - diversity
2.    A healthy mind in a healthy body - safety and a healthy lifestyle
3.    Team is strength - a friendly work and cooperation environment
4.    Excellence is continuous development - career and personal development
5.    Life is your choice - work-life balance


Start from the inside

The first stage of our activities was the development of key visual and the implementation of a photo shoot for the needs of key visual creation, and then using it in internal communication materials (including articles, animations, leaflets, posters). The internal campaign lasted five months, and each of them communicated and promoted different value.




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