Zgotujmy trochę dobra

Poznan city, PLOT, MOPR, PS

CSR campaigne "Let's cook some good together"

Supposedly, how we finish a year determines the next one. And this one ended with something really good. "Let's cook some good together!" is an action in which we joined forces with the City of Poznań, local organizations and Poznań restaurateurs. Objective? Share some good, warm meal with those in need and those affected by the homelessness crisis.


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2020 - 2021

Zakres prac

Action naming, creative concept, key visual creation, website design and implementation, promotional materials design, promotional campaign, video, DTP.


Project Manager:

Magdalena Pierzchała

Art Director:

Jędrzej Guzik


Natalia Majchrzak

Graphic Design:

Jędrzej Guzik

There are no holidays for helping

United in dividing, pawky? Maybe so, but right! We wanted to inspire people to help"not only during the holidays". Together with the City of Poznań, in cooperation with the Municipal Family Assistance Center, the Social Emergency and POZnan.travel, we organized the "Let's cook some good together!"action. All this to support those in need with a warm meal in the crisis of homelessness and to support the restaurants involved in this event.

Zgotujmy trochę dobra
Zgotujmy trochę dobra

Support of local restaurateurs

Restaurant owners in Poznań could apply to participate in the action. It was enough to fill in the application form on the website www.zgotujmydobro.pl designed nad implemented by us.

What was the action about?

From among the applications, we chose 20 restaurants that we invited to cook together -the order of applications and the menu proposal were decisive. As part of the campaign, each restaurant prepared 25 meals for those in need received financial support in the amount of PLN 1,000.

We’ve prepared something more

Looks like it worked, right? Sure! You can watch the coverage of the event in the movie. We created it in cooperation with restaurateurs who take part in cooking together. What came out of it? A total of 500 two-course take-away meals that appealed to those most in need.

Zgotujmy trochę dobra

It was heard and seen!

But where? In media! Our action ‘Let’s do some good together’ was very successful – it was mentioned in various articles in local newspapers, as well as on radio stations and websites. Thanks to it we had a chance to reach out to the wide audience and promote the event.

Zgotujmy trochę dobra

Sounds good? Repeat!

And that's how we approached it. In March 2021, the second edition of the action took place - this time under the name "Let's cook some good together” ... again! As the originator of the campaign, we hope for its next editions, thanks to which we will be able to prepare even more good together!

Zgotujmy trochę dobra



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