Employer branding campaign "It’s the people behind our products"

Maspex means both a wide portfolio of well-known brands and a large employer with great potential. Our task was to create a communication concept showing the opportunities that await potential employees – we focused primarily on the fact that they can work for big brands they know from store shelves.




2019 - 2020

Scope of work

Development of a creative concept for the employer's brand campaign for external and internal communication, creation of a key visual and a set of printed materials, photo shoot for the needs of KV, strategy for social media activities.


Project Manager:

Agnieszka Andrzejczyk, Filip Błajet

Art Director:

Marcin BIlicki


Natalia Majchrzak


Łukasz Urbańczyk


Who’s behind the maspex products?

“It’s the people behind our products” is the slogan of the employer's brand image campaign. One of its goals was to show that the Maspex Group is a place with various interesting tasks, as well as great development opportunities within different brands.


Wide portfolio of brands encourages candidates

The starting point for our activities was the portfolio of brands belonging to the Maspex Group. We focused on creating a strong connection between the main brand and product brands by presenting a wide portfolio of Maspex products.


It’s about people

The products themselves are not everything. That’s why in the campaign we focused on people too – in order to show the diversity of Maspex employees, a unique atmosphere and great relations in the company. The latter were especially visible during the filming.

Extensive range of activities

We treated the slogan we created very literally during the session prepared for the campaign. On its basis, we created the key visual and a set of printed materials. In addition to that, we have also prepared a social media strategy for the client.




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