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Video production for the Employer Branding campaign "You’re LIDLeal"

The „You’re LIDLeal” campaign represents the one thing connecting everyone working at Lidl – LIDLealness. It also proves that we all can find this quality inside of us.


Lidl Poland



Scope of work

An online/offline campaign comprising creative concept, key visual designs, video script, video recording, on-set photoshoot, and static and dynamic media asset preparation.


Project Manager:

Szymon Szczepaniak

Art Director:

Marcin Bilicki, Kacper Krysiak


Monika Olkiewicz

Graphic Design:

Agata Gołębiewska, Wojciech Cielas


Adam Kozioł


Maciej Radziemski

Motion Design:

Adam Furmańczak

Production house:



Tomasz Okulicz

Good insight is key

In what places do we want to work? Of course, in those that we hold an affinity for. We look for companies that are well-known and loved by others. Is Lidl such a brand? Absolutely! We're increasingly witnessing people's love for the brand when the Lidl merch disappears from the store shelves, only to be proudly worn by brand enthusiasts. Could such a fan be our potential employee? We decided to explore this idea in our latest campaign, which could be found on nationwide billboards, online, and in-store displays. The centerpiece of this campaign was the LIDLeal video. Let's learn more about it!


A script written by life

Our favorite store is much more than a building. It’s people who make us want to visit this place. People with their own stories that intertwine with the main character’s life. Keep in mind that it’s a promotional video, so we focused only on the highlights and fun interactions!


It all starts with a story (board)

You can’t overestimate the value of a good storyboard. It dictates the mood of the video and guides everyone involved. It’s a visual test drive of the script when we can still adjust some loose screws. It’s also time to invite actors to audition and test their confidence in front of a camera.


The power of a good casting

Now that we know what our protagonist should look like and what and how he should say, it’s time we move on to the casting phase. In this case, Lidl employees took center stage. However, the main character – played by the casting winner – was a customer. We knew this person needed to have excellent diction, but he needed to be expressive. Of course, within reasonable boundaries.

The actor would also participate in a later photoshoot, so we paid close attention to how comfortable he felt in front of the camera lens.

On the set

Working on set usually comes with one common challenge – there is never enough time. Now, imagine we only have one shooting date during the month! The schedule must be meticulously planned! The biggest challenge in this production was coordinating the video recordings and photo sessions simultaneously in the same retail space.


Details, Details…

We successfully scheduled every tiny photo break between setting up scenes for the film crew to capture 10 different images to be used in the billboard campaign and on the landing page. At first glance, it may not seem like a challenge, but when you must coordinate a team of 40 people, even the slightest delay can trigger a chain reaction of surprises.


The challenge of limited time

Thanks to the client's flexibility and the film crew's creative approach, we captured all the scenes within the allocated time, which helped minimize costs.


Formats on our mind

During the campaign planning, we identified how this content would be used, which allowed us to edit the video in specific formats. This approach is crucial as it helps determine the final cost. Furthermore, we can adjust scenes/dialogues and frames during the scripting stage to fit various reformatting needs. All this led to publishing the video just two weeks after completing the on-set work.


Online campaign

The entire campaign launched on time, and you could see it in urban spaces, sports halls, and online platforms for a month!

Want to peak behind the scenes?

Visit us on set in this short behind-the-scenes video.



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