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Employer Branding Campaign “Job for Years”

The "Job for Years" campaign was created to rewrite the public narrative around working in the retail industry and aimed at people who want to establish a long-term relationship with an employer. Work in the retail sector will always be in demand. As a leading brand in the industry, Lidl offers high-quality, stable, yet sometimes demanding employment opportunities – that was our campaign's core message.


Lidl Poland



Scope of work

Online promotion (GDN ads, screening, sponsored content, Social Media ads), radio campaign, landing page, nationwide press coverage.


Project Manager:

Szymon Szczepaniak

Art Director:

Marcin Bilicki, Kacper Krysiak


Wiesław Juskowiak

Graphic Design:

Paweł Czamański


Łukasz Urbańczyk

Motion Design:

Adam Furmańczak

Production house:



Tomasz Okulicz


The essence of the campaign

The campaign's main objective was to emphasize employment stability during uncertain times, shift the profile of potential employees towards those seeking long-term employment, and paint an honest picture of working in retail.


Strategic beginnings

We began by analyzing recruitment metrics and exit interviews. With the assistance of Sales and Logistics representatives, we meticulously characterized each target group. And a two-day workshop utilizing the Design Thinking technique further helped us develop an employer branding strategy for 2021.


Strategic insight

The communication strategy aimed to convey a positive image of working in Lidl stores. The messaging emphasized the company’s values: openness, teamwork, expert support, and above all, stability.

Our goal was to assure potential employees that by joining the Lidl team and committing to their work, their job will remain secure and essential. Even in the face of years passing by or unexpected events such as a pandemic.


The "Job for Years" campaign successfully reached the target audience, which boosted the number of quality job applications. A unique creative approach in HR and various media allowed us to promote a retail brand from a genuine and previously unseen perspective. And through intensive execution of the "Job for Years" strategy, we successfully strengthened this message and closely associated it with Lidl. The strategy and slogan became the fundamentals of further employer branding activities in Lidl.




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