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Employer branding documentary IKEA „So much more"

Production of an employer branding film as part of an internal film project.


IKEA Retail Poland



Scope of work

Strategic and consulting work, creation of naming and KV, preparation of a contest for employees, development of a learning webinar, coordination of workshops, preparation of internal and external communication, coordination of the shooting set (video), post-production, backstage photo session, event organization, production of gadgets, preparation and moderation of a promotional campaign in social media.


Project Manager:

Magdalena Pierzchała, Tomasz Dolczewski, Joanna Majdak

Art Director:

Kacper Krysiak


Natalia Majchrzak

Graphic Designer:

Svitlana Ostapiuk

Motion Design:

Adam Furmańczak

Production house:

RED Film Production


Szymon Wasylów

IKEA reportaż

Employer branding movie differently

The inspiration for the project was the “So much more” EB communication platform, on which implementation on the Polish market we had the opportunity to cooperate. Since then, we have been looking for new possibilities to strengthen its message – this is how the idea of creating a documentary – one that talks about working at IKEA in an authentic and honest way – was born.

IKEA reportaż

Unconventional approach

All activities related to the production of the documentary were carried out as part of the "IKEA. Action!" concept.  While working on the project, we wanted to organize internal activities that would go beyond standard communication and involve co-workers on a broader scale. Result?

Numerous activations and initiatives accompanying the realization of the documentary: webinar available on the training platform, internal film competition with co-workers voting, workshops for winners, official premiere in the cinema, and local film screenings in the IKEA units. A lot was happening!

Challenges on the set

One of the biggest project challenges was finding both the right director who would be able to lead the project in accordance with the client’s values, and the right subcontractors for the comprehensive realization of the film. After intense research, we invited documentary filmmaker Szymon Wasylów and the RED Film Production team to cooperate on the project.

Together, we worked on the script, recording, and post-production of the documentary. In addition, before the start of shooting, we organized meetings between the director and the film heroes. Then, we planned (and, most importantly, implemented as planned) a tight film schedule – 8 days of shooting in 4 different locations.

IKEA reportaż
IKEA reportaż
IKEA reportaż
IKEA reportaż
IKEA reportaż
IKEA reportaż
IKEA reportaż

Cinema premiere and local screenings

A non-standard project required a non-standard approach to the premiere – that’s why also in this aspect we acted out-of-the-box. The first official screening of the documentary took place in the cinema and was followed by local screenings in the IKEA units. In addition, an online premiere was organized – it took place right after the official screening in the cinema.

The biggest challenge in this area turned out to be finding the right cinema – one that, while not being a multiplex, will be accessible to people with disabilities.

Promotional activities

What did we do to ensure that the finished documentary reaches the largest possible audience? Not only did we prepare recommendations for the extensive, long-term promotion of the material on social media, but we were also responsible for the full moderation of the promotional campaign.

The documentary was also promoted with offline materials – bearing in mind the customer’s values when producing promotional gadgets, we focused primarily on their ecological aspect. Example? Fanny packs sewn from photo walls previously used during local screenings and premieres.

IKEA reportaż
IKEA reportaż



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