Duży Ben

Duży Ben

Comprehensive shopper marketing

As part of cooperation with an innovative network of alcohol stores, we have supported the brand in building a unique USP in modern and traditional communication channels. Our creative approach to the task paid off.


Duży Ben / Eurocash Group


2016 - 2018

Scope of work

Comprehensive POS service, shopper marketing, digital, event, social media.

Duży Ben
Duży Ben

Testing and service

The key to our work was… change. Constant testing of solutions and optimization of activities - support of promotional cycles in stores, dedicated events, online channels, and consulting of the store space to increase the network's profitability.

Duży Ben

Active offline

Activation, involvement and bringing the new concept closer to customers. Here and now. In the immediate vicinity, even the street next door.

Attractive social media

One of our tasks was running a Facebook channel that combined education and knowledge about alcohol. The means of communication were selected in a manner tailored not only to customers but also to the applicable law.

Duży Ben
Duży Ben

Creativity lies in the details

The brand’s spirit – helpful, creative, interesting – was visible in the nooks and crannies of our work and day-to-day store operations.

Duży Ben
Duży Ben

The cocktail at your fingertips

An important element of the entire campaign was education in the field of mixology. We have prepared a series of films introducing customers to the world of homemade cocktails.

Duży Ben



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