City hall of Warsaw

City Hall of Warsaw

Informational campaign: Civic Budget 2020

Complete support in all three stages of the Civic Budget campaign – project submission, voting, and informational campaign explaining how the budget is used in Warsaw.


City Hall of Warsaw



Scope of work

Key visual, photoshoot, 3d mockups, copywriting, graphic design, social media content, 2d animation, offline advertisement. 


Project Manager:

Filip Błajet

Art Director:

Kacper Krysiak

Graphic Design:

Paweł Czamański, Michał Dorofiejczyk

City hall of Warsaw

How did we change Warsaw?

We were tasked with designing an eye-catching and easily identifiable campaign that shouts – you can make a change with the Civic Budget. Simultaneously, our work needed to be versatile and adaptable to different stages and years to come.

City hall of Warsaw

Time before the KV…

Designing the key visual seemed more like a circus act than an organized workflow. All because we had to juggle three separate processes simultaneously – working out the object placement on the graphics, photo shoot with models, and designing a Warsaw model. Add to that tight deadline, and you fully understand this creative madness. Luckily, everyone was happy about the final KV.

City hall of Warsaw

You have a say in Warsaw!

What will you get after combining a city model, catchy slogans, and people? In our opinion, the best way to promote Civic Budget in Warsaw. After all, we tend to like things we can recognize, identify with, and feel – and our approach was exactly that!

A diverse media

Diversity is important – in marketing strategy as well! That’s why we created a set of different media formats to promote the Civic Budget in Warsaw quickly and effectively. From simple social media posts and formats through offline advertisement (city lights, buses, and metro boards) all the way to 2D animation. The Civic Budget was everywhere you looked.

City hall of Warsaw
City hall of Warsaw

Ready, set, submit!

The year of our campaign, people flooded the City Hall with over 2000 submissions! And we? We can’t wait to see more of our work during the next trip to Warsaw.



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