Carlsberg Shared Services

Recruitment campaign "Shared Passion" for internship program

The first edition of the CSS internship program was a great success. The company has collected over 550 applications, and 15 of 18 trainees have stayed at theCarlsberg SSC longer. We are glad that we had a hand in it!


Carlsberg Shared Services



Scope of work

Creative concept, naming, Key Visual creation, graphic materials design, website design and implementation, job test, implementation of media campaign, Social Media materials, video, 2D animation, custom prints, offline advertising, exhibition stand design.


Project Manager:

Filip Błajet


Natalia Majchrzak

Graphic Design:

Paweł Czamański, Marcin Bilicki

Carlsberg Shared Services. Shared Passion.

Our task was to create from scratch the entire concept of the internship program - starting from naming, through key visual, to the preparation of specific media. With the campaign name we tried to highlight the nature of work in CSS (Carlsberg Shared Services) and the passion thatCarlsberg employees manifest on a daily basis. This is how the concept was created. Carlsberg Shared Services. Shared Passion. The basis of all our other activities.


Online and offline synergy

To achieve the best results, we decided to combine online and offline activities. Such synergy helped Carlsberg SSC reach the widest target group interested in the internship within the shared services industry, and also increased the recognition of the Poznań branch of the company.


Campaign landing page

The destination of the entire campaign was website designed and implemented by us. In addition to basic information about the company and the scope of CSS, we also included the individual career stories and the video we had realized with the employees. It was possible to intuitively go from the website to specific internship offers and apply for a selected position.

An additional, interactive element of the website was a jobtest - short quiz which results indicated a department that suited the potential intern best.

Employees about Carlsberg SSC

An important element of the campaign was the video we created. It was filmed in the Poznań branch of the company. We conducted short interviews with CSS employees, focusing on company key values and showing the nature of work at Carlsberg SSC, its modern office and atmosphere.


Present at job fairs

As part of promoting the internship program, Carlsberg Shared Services participated in various job fairs. W made sure that the fair booth was effective and attracted the attention of students. The use of modular elements made it possible to place them on different surfaces and adapt the modules to the needs of fairs, also during future editions of the internship program.


Visible in Poznań

CarlsbergShared Services. Shared Passion was also visible at Poznań tram and bus stops!We chose key locations for the company (e.g. near universities) and designed citylights in line with KV and campaign concept. Intense green color attracted attention, and clear CTA (Join the most attractive internship in Poznań)increased the chances of conversion.

Non-standard prints

Additional support for the campaign were numerous printed materials used and distributed during job fairs and meetings with students. In addition to standard posters or roll-ups, we also used bookmarks or unusually designed invitations for internship interviews.




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