Browar Fortuna

Browar Fortuna

Social Media Marketing

Comprehensive social media management for Browar Fortuna and Browar Grodzisk brands on Facebook and Instagram.


Browar Fortuna



Scope of work

Ongoing creative support, including creative ideas, strategy support, key visuals, and management & moderation of the brand’s Facebook and Instagram channels.


Project Manager:

Tomasz Dolczewski

Social Media Manager:

Jagoda Herman-Mrozik

Art Director:

Marcin Bilicki


Agnieszka Mikołajczak

Graphic Design:

Aleksandra Duk

Motion Design:

Adam Furmańczak, Krzysztof Magnuszewski

Creative idea

Take our well-known and recognizable brands and refresh their social media presence – that was the challenge. The goal was simple yet demanding – to develop consistent visual communication across all channels. The big idea relied on clever use and expansion of existing branding. The outcome could be only one – stronger than ever brand awareness.

Browar Fortuna
Browar Fortuna

Contextual photoshoots

Pic, or it didn’t happen! Apart from refreshing the brand’s perception, visual identity, and communication on social media, we decided to implement contextual photoshoots. They were meant to showcase the product from all angles. Starting from how it’s made to how it accompanies clients in their everyday life.

Browar Fortuna

A variety of media

Even a great key visual can’t stand on its own. It requires precise launch and execution, which in our case meant a multitude of various engaging social media formats. IG stories, carousels, native functions, Canvas – the list goes on and on. That’s creativity in the ideation and tool-planning phases.

Browar Fortuna
Browar Fortuna
Browar Fortuna

Community? Fans? We got you!

When it comes to social media, we always focus on what fuels it: people. As part of our collaboration, we were responsible for moderating the client’s channels, including comments and messages. There’s more to building relationships and brand loyalty than plenty of content.

Browar Fortuna



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