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Recruitment event „Nice to Lidl You”

To the cinema or a movie? Together with Lidl Polska, we found a third option – a job fair combined with expert lectures and afternoon networking. Check how we transformed one of the oldest cinemas in Europe into the epicenter of Lidl emotions.


LIDL Poland



Scope of work

Conceptual and creative work including event naming, strategic support, key visual, designing graphic materials supporting online and offline event promotion, landing page, presentation of speakers, promotional animation and live stream of the event on the You Tube channel.


Project Manager:

Szymon Szczepaniak

Art Director:

Wojciech Cielas


Maciej Karolczak

Graphic Designer:

Aleksandra Duk, Agata Gołębiewska

Motion Design:

Adam Furmańczak

LIDL Nice To Lidl You

Unconventional approach to candidates

The situation on the labor market is, to put it mildly, competitive. Therefore, when Lidl Polska approached us with the need to reach potential candidates in an interesting and personal way, we suggested a trip to the cinema. The idea was simple – let’s leave the office and meet face to face with people who until now Lidl only from social media.

LIDL Nice To Lidl You
LIDL Nice To Lidl You

Experts, knowledge, inspiration

One of the main attractions of the Nice to Lidl You event were lectures conducted by Lidl experts. During 12 inspiring presentations, the candidates could get to know the real face of work at the Lidl Central Office. Discover its secrets and take a closer look at each of the business areas. For the more inquisitive, we have also prepared four discussion panels with speakers.


What would a recruitment event be without, well, recruitment? We have prepared two rooms in the cinema, where Lidl recruiters were waiting for the participants. The consultations were also available to people from outside Poznań, in the online form. After analyzing the candidates’ CVs and matching them to the open positions, Lidl’s experts advised on how to get a job at the Central Office. 

LIDL Nice To Lidl You
LIDL Nice To Lidl You
LIDL Nice To Lidl You
LIDL Nice To Lidl You
LIDL Nice To Lidl You
LIDL Nice To Lidl You
LIDL Nice To Lidl You

Live stream

Did the fact that Lidl Central Office is located near Poznań limit the number of participants? Of course not! We made sure that people from all over Poland could participate in the event and in the recruitment process. Well, we made sure that they don’t even have to leave the house. Especially for them, we launched an online stream, which enabled a live meeting with speakers and recruiters.

Personalization matters

In a world where we have moved almost exclusively to the online world for a moment, recruiting the perfect candidates has become a real challenge. Bulletin boards don’t allow employers to stand out, and with the likely increase in content generated by artificial intelligence, this problem can be used to our advantage. It is worth going back to the roots and bet on recruitment based on relationships and interactions.

LIDL Nice To Lidl You
LIDL Nice To Lidl You



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