Kraft Heinz

Trade marketing

The concept, implementation and production of sales and information materials that were strongly related to the brand image.Our main goal was to create an attractive sales catalog. It required a lot of sense of taste - literally.


Kraft Heinz



Scope of work

Photo shoot, Key Visual creation, graphic materials design, print.


Project Manager:

Iza Cienkus

Art Director:

Kacper Krysiak


Natalia Majchrzak

Graphic Design:

Kacper Krysiak


Małgorzata Opala

Photo shoot

The basis for our catalog was a photo shoot in which we captured dishes based on the iconic Kraft Heinz sauces. In cooperation with a recognized chef, we have created photos that were not only the presentation of the dish but were– above all – the inspiration for customers.

Additional activities

We have also worked on B2B materials for the wholesale networks and on the POS advertising. Thanks to the comprehensive approach, the effects of our work could inspire a wider audience.




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